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Monthly Archives: December 2013

12-Days of Christmas: Photography Style: Christmas Music: Day 3

Miss Day 1?  Ornaments are Here.  Miss Day 2? Favorite Decor is Here. Miss the FREE 12-days-of-Christmas-PhotographsView full post »

12-Days of Christmas: Photography Style: Favorite Decor: Day 2

Miss Day 1?  We talked all about photographing those precious ornaments HERE!  Miss the FREE 12-days of Christmas PhotoView full post »

12-days of Christmas: Photography Style: Ornaments

In just 12 days of Christmas you can capture your Holiday Magic. Didn’t get theView full post »

Student spotlight: Michaela Ristaino – Composition Bootcamp Graduate!

You know you’re in for an instant connection when someone joins the class is a TRAINED OPERA SINGER.  I died. IView full post »

Let’s shoot together! Bootcamp Registration begins in 5 days!

You’ve read Major Owl’s 10 Reasons Why You Need Composition Bootcamp and You’ve caught a glimpse ofView full post »

FREE Sneak Peak of Composition Bootcamp | 6 days till registration! |

So you’ve read and re-read Major Owl’s 10 reasons why you need Bootcamp.   Awesome. “But, what isView full post »

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