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Monthly Archives: February 2014

A More Joyful Life Series: What Noelle Pikus-Pace taught me about Being Together.

Another Olympics has made its way into the history books.  Triumph and heartache.  Focus and distraction. View full post »

3 questions your salesman DIDN’T ask you when you bought your camera

I love black friday.  PJ’s, Lego’s, and Blu-rays are always on my list. Cameras also appear on Black FridayView full post »

A More Joyful Life: 4 Joyful Truths About Love

Need a little more love after February 14th. The lovely Becca has you covered.   Keep the Mistletoe Up We have aView full post »

February through my lens: 10 on 10

What a fabulous way to keep that camera a’clickin’ and capturing YOUR WORLD.   10 photos on the 10thView full post »

Did you know your camera could do this?

Find yourself photographing…. Sports? Children? Shamu @ Seaworld? Discover the beautiful world of CONTINUOUSView full post »

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