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displaying your joy

Portraits are meant to be on walls. Big walls, small walls… (even bathroom walls!)

I also believe in creating portraits that put your life’s joys on display for all to see. In the corner, up the staircase, and over the mantle.

Because of these beliefs, each Sarah Grace Photography collection includes your choice of the wall galleries shown below in either print or canvas.

Print collections start at $345.  Canvas collections start at $550.

portrait display from Sarah Grace Photography

I am to help my clients build a wall gallery perfect for THEIR space!

portrait display from Sarah Grace Photography

Canvas prints allow you to skip the cost of framing and keep one-hundred percent of the viewer’s attention on your fantastic family.

portrait display from Sarah Grace Photography

I’ll show you gallery-wrapped canvas configurations, and prints populated with your images during our ordering session.

portrait display from Sarah Grace Photography

Together, we’ll choose your timeless, gorgeous, and archival canvas wall candy!

Not every image can be printed on canvas, though.

Grandmas have needs, small frames need fresh images, and Dad’s office doesn’t allow for 30×40” canvas extravaganzas.

I get it. That’s why each collection also includes ten prints sized 8×10” or smaller. Those ten prints are perfect for framing on your husband’s desk, on your nightstand, on your bookshelves, or for your loved ones. Best of all, these small reminders of your family’s love will bring you joy throughout the year.

Priced from $345, each canva/prints collection includes a significant discount on additional portrait prints and products purchased, so you can expand any gallery to grace your walls.

A portion of each portrait collection sale is donated to making the wishes of children come true through the Louisiana Make-A-Wish foundation.

You get portraits, kids get wishes – what could be better?

You’re also welcome to purchase portraits a la carte if a collection doesn’t meet your needs. Gift prints 8×10”
or smaller are priced at $40.

Most Sarah Grace Photography clients plan to spend $500+ on their photo session experience.  



Sarah Grace Photography does offer print-based collections, starting at $400.

Sarah Grace Photography does offer payment plans for all collections.  

I’m happy to whip up custom gallery configurations during your in-home ordering session, which you can read
more about for families and couples.

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