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I, like you, have experienced Buyer’s Remorse.   I, like you, have been taunted by marketing phrases like “Best Value”, “Must-Have’s for 2014”, “Free Bonus Gift”, or even “Because You’re Worth It”.  Gah.  My money has gone to products that use those flashy words!

So, in the spirit of candidness, I think that while I think Composition Bootcamp is a fabulous workshop, and while I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it and my student’s success…

Composition Bootcamp might not be right for you.   

While I wish I could gloat that Bootcamp is a must-have-experience for every photographer, but that simply isn’t true.  Bummer, because I would love to work with you.

So, here is my confession of Why Bootcamp may not be for you.

Composition Bootcamp is NOT for you IF:
  1. You regularly have total control over where you shoot.  If you are a portrait photographer who has the luxury of choosing every location for your shoots, Bootcamp might be fun, but is most likely not for you.  Composition Bootcamp focuses a lot on making lame, boring locations look amazing because of the techniques you learn.
  2. You feel confident looking at your own work and vocalizing why it is visually appealing (or not!)
    Bootcamp reveals the tried and true rules of visual appeal as proven through art, photography, and film.  Homework assignments are geared towards increasing the visual appeal of your photographers through these rules of composition.  If you already follow those rules and can visually identify them in others work, as well as your own, then Bootcamp is not for you.
  3. You are comfortable with the variety of looks you produce for per photo sessions.
    Magical things happen when you begin to master composition.  The 22 photos in a row that look identical from your shoot….yeah, we’ve all done it…start to dwindle.  Bootcamp provides a clear path to increasing variety in your photo sessions, testing them out week by week until the world opens up to you.  If you already capture a variety of looks (on purpose!) when you shoot, then Bootcamp might not be right for you.
  4. Your work is good because you made it good, rather than relying on lucky shots.
    Doing things “with purpose” is our motto for Composition Bootcamp.  Whether it is crop, a black and white edit, or which part of a location we highlight, Bootcamp gives us decision making skills in each of those scenarios (+ more!).  If someone came to you and asked “Why did you crop this photo this way?  Why did you choose to shoot that so far back? or Why didn’t you edit this in black and White?”, and you have solid responses, then Bootcamp is not for you.  Composition Bootcamp floods you with reasons why you make the choices you do at a session.

    And the verdict is…?  Is Bootcamp a perfect fit for YOU?

    Register for BOOTCAMP!

If not, we are still friends. Cheers for no Buyer’s Remorse! It’s not you, it’s me, etc. Congratulations on being able to say, “This is NOT for me.”

I hope you will still stick around the blog for more fun like 3 Things the Hunger Games taught me about Staying Alive in the Photo Industry!

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(From one of the sessions Demo’s via LIVE VIDEO from Composition Bootcamp)




Can your photos really get better in 1 week? Can an online photography class REALLY help guide your Creative Eye to greatness?

Actions speak louder than words.  Rather, Images speak louder than any brillant slew of words I could put together.

Meet a recent Bootcamp Graduate!





“I was most surprised about how conceptually easy the assignments sounded. However, when it came time to execute them, it was challenging! I have learned so much about how I shoot, how to improve, how to have more confidence, how to now look at things differently….with purpose. ”

Join the Bootcamp Experience starting September 22nd!


In the meantime, be sure to LIKE Liz’s Facebook Page  and watch her work EXPLODE in the next few years!  She is on her way to great things!

So, Bootcamp starts September 22nd, and there is a Spot for YOU!

Register Here!

What kind of photos pop up during Bootcamp?  How good can an online photography workshop be?

Li Huang from Texax shows us her incredible shots!
Check out her fabulous work from the workshop!



I’m surprised that, by simply changing the perspective and incorporating  some compositional elements, my everyday photos taken at the ordinary locations do not look so snapshot-ish anymore.  – Li Huang


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Congrats, Li on receiving a Hall of Fame spot for especially FABULOUS images taken during the Workshop! Surprise, friend!

Join the Bootcamp Experience starting September 22nd!  Register Here!

Composition Bootcamp Registration opens TODAY!


Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the online class experience?

Consider the following:



presented by Major Owl. 

10 Reasons to join Composition Bootcamp



#1: Build a solid foundation of composition, so that when you walk into a location you know how to use it to its full potential!

#2: Discover your style of photography and love photographing more as you experience the freedom that comes from knowing what you’re doing during a shoot!

#3: Refine your creative eye as you begin to see the world differently.  All of the sudden every corner of your life can become your favorite photo location!

#4: Meet and network with other new, supportive photographers in our Private Facebook Group.  It’s an awesomely happy place to hang out!

#5: Gone are the days of guess-work photo-shoots.  No more “I hope that went well” after a shoot is over!

#6: Feeling like your photos need that extra spark?  Feeling boring?  Composition is a total game-changer for boring photographs!

#7:ADDED VIDEO BONUS:  Watch me, on video, edit my own Black and White photos to make them irresistible.

#8: ADDED VIDEO BONUS:  Every week, submit questions for our weekly FAQ’s session!  Ask about anything,  I will answer them all on video with or without makeup.

#9: ADDED DOWNLOAD BONUS:  Get my all-inclusive files on how to prepare for a shoot to create success.  My templates, my secrets, my sources for inspiration – it is all yours.  No secrets held back!

#10: ADDED PRIZE BONUS:  Go the extra-super-over-achiever-mile on our homework assignments to earn your BOOTCAMP GOLD STAR.  The Prize?  A special package in the mailbox to you – from me.

#11: ADDED VIDEO BONUS: Okay..Okay, there’s really 11 – but I had to save this for the end.  BY FAR the most favorite part of the course for students is the personalized video feedback.  Yes, you get to submit your homework, and then I get to chat with you all about it! Better yet, the reviews are on video for you to download, watch, and use forever.  It’s a splendid part of the whole experience!


Count your pennies, RE-read the 10 Reasons to join Composition Bootcamp, and join us!


  Watch the Video, Learn More, & Register





Normally, I start with a witty “grab-your-attention” line prior to showing you a Bootcamper’s photo.

Not. This. Time.

No need when a photo like the above shot comes across your gaze.  Stunning, Lisa.  Let’s add a little more wowza to her name, shall we?


I immediately discovered Lisa’s gift with photographing textures.  She sees them everywhere, and brings out their natural beauty.  I could stare at it all day, Lisa!

Lisa had a little bit to say about her Bootcamp Experience:


“Wow where to start … I am now seeing prospective photos everywhere!  Such surprisingly simple techniques, but oh so effective.  I no longer take one shot of subject be it a person, landscape or animal, in just one location/pose.  I now have a whole heap of ideas which spring to mind and this helps to not over think limitations of a location, instead I can happily tailor the shot to fit my purpose – perfect!”


I am especially excited to surprise the lovely Lisa Saint as a


for capturing that incredible horse!  

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Congratulations, Lisa!  Honored to feature you on the blog!



Got BLAH photos?

There are many, many online photography workshops you can jump on board with.  Why would Composition Bootcamp be best for you?  It is all about results, friend.

How do we transform photographers through the Bootcamp experience?

First, the material.  I hold nothing back as I walk you through my own personal shoots, and how I make my composition decisions.  We might as well be neighbors for how real-deal it feels.  Second, the community.  Chat back and forth (and network!) with other photographers itching to grow just like you.  They become your greatest fans, and friends throughout your journey.  Last, the feedback.  Grab a VIP spot and you and I go one-on-one via video to look at your photos and discover your greatest strengths, and plan for next time how to conquer specific concepts holding you back.  It’s a glorious thing (and it also happens to be my favorite part of the course!).  Learn more about The Bootcamp Experience here.

Join me for the Bootcamp Experience in September of 2014!

Sign up here to stay up-to-date for our next registration + get free goodies!

In the meantime, be sure to jump on over to Lisa’s Smugmug Page. This girl has got skills!

Did you miss our last Bootcamp Graduate Spotlight?  Meet Michaela here! 
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