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Why Bootcamp is not for you.

I, like you, have experienced Buyer’s Remorse.   I, like you, have been taunted by marketing phrases likeView full post »

Meet a Bootcamp Student: Liz Cowie, Composition Bootcamp Class of 2014 – Melbourne Beach, Florida Photographer

Can your photos really get better in 1 week? Can an online photography class REALLY help guide your Creative Eye toView full post »

What kind of photos come out of Bootcamp? Li Huang, Bootcamper 2014, is here to show you!

So, Bootcamp starts September 22nd, and there is a Spot for YOU! Register Here! What kind of photos pop up duringView full post »

10 Reasons Why You Need Bootcamp. Register NOW!

Composition Bootcamp Registration opens TODAY!   Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the online classView full post »

Student Spotlight: Mallory Taglia – Composition Bootcamp Graduate, Chicago Illinois Photographer

With an abundance of DSLR’s out there (which is a beautiful thing…) you RARELY hear someone say I studiedView full post »

Student spotlight: Michaela Ristaino – Composition Bootcamp Graduate!

You know you’re in for an instant connection when someone joins the class is a TRAINED OPERA SINGER.  I died. IView full post »

Let’s shoot together! Bootcamp Registration begins in 5 days!

You’ve read Major Owl’s 10 Reasons Why You Need Composition Bootcamp and You’ve caught a glimpse ofView full post »

FREE Sneak Peak of Composition Bootcamp | 6 days till registration! |

So you’ve read and re-read Major Owl’s 10 reasons why you need Bootcamp.   Awesome. “But, what isView full post »

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