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David & Barb + 3 | Glendale, AZ Family Photographer & Mentor

Barb is a Runner.   She is also a survivor. She is also a forgiver. She is also a woman of Faith. She designsView full post »

Matt & Anslin + 3 | Glendale AZ Family Photographer

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’tView full post »

Be at the Crossroads

Curtis & Elayna + 8 Part 2   Elayna. Our paths crossed rather unexpectedly. I design marching band shows.View full post »

Your greatest investment.

Curtis & Elayna + 8 (Part 1)   One time at Band Camp… (insert inspirational soundtrack here…) AtView full post »

Why didn’t I get to know you SOONER!

Dear Tamara, We have had this conversation more.than.once. We should have been friends long ago.  Too bad I fell intoView full post »

Kent & Flo + 3

Meet a Champion.     We are all faced with challenges, disappointments, and heartbreak – but we alsoView full post »

3 Tips to being the Best-est Best Friend.

The New Year.  The New You.    I’ve got the words of wisdom to make you the Best Friend everyone dreamtView full post »

Garrett & Brooke + 1 | Glendale AZ Children’s Photographer

What makes us become CLOSER to one another? Common media obsessions (mine: Adele, Sherlock, and Okay for Now) SharedView full post »

“I LOVE EVERYTHING”…. Bluffdale Utah Family Session

  I am often asked, ‘How do I make my photos better?’   My response is always the same… Put BETTERView full post »

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