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10 Reasons to join Composition Bootcamp



#1: Build a solid foundation of composition, so that when you walk into a location you know how to use it to its full potential!

#2: Discover your style of photography and love photographing more as you experience the freedom that comes from knowing what you’re doing during a shoot!

#3: Refine your creative eye as you begin to see the world differently.  All of the sudden every corner of your life can become your favorite photo location!

#4: Meet and network with other new, supportive photographers in our Private Facebook Group.  It’s an awesomely happy place to hang out!

#5: Gone are the days of guess-work photo-shoots.  No more “I hope that went well” after a shoot is over!

#6: Feeling like your photos need that extra spark?  Feeling boring?  Composition is a total game-changer for boring photographs!

#7:ADDED VIDEO BONUS:  Watch me, on video, edit my own Black and White photos to make them irresistible.

#8: ADDED VIDEO BONUS:  Every week, submit questions for our weekly FAQ’s session!  Ask about anything,  I will answer them all on video with or without makeup.

#9: ADDED DOWNLOAD BONUS:  Get my all-inclusive files on how to prepare for a shoot to create success.  My templates, my secrets, my sources for inspiration – it is all yours.  No secrets held back!

#10: ADDED PRIZE BONUS:  Go the extra-super-over-achiever-mile on our homework assignments to earn your BOOTCAMP GOLD STAR.  The Prize?  A special package in the mailbox to you – from me.

#11: ADDED VIDEO BONUS: Okay..Okay, there’s really 11 – but I had to save this for the end.  BY FAR the most favorite part of the course for students is the personalized video feedback.  Yes, you get to submit your homework, and then I get to chat with you all about it! Better yet, the reviews are on video for you to download, watch, and use forever.  It’s a splendid part of the whole experience!


Count your pennies, RE-read the 10 Reasons to join Composition Bootcamp, and join us!


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