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Enjoying jaw-dropping photographs is a fabulous part of photography.  KNOWING WHY those photographs are jaw-dropping is a whole other story!  Composition Bootcamp is the ultimate experience, guiding you through the concepts and rules that create visually stunning photography.   Imagine having the confidence to know WHY you cropped your image a certain way, WHY you chose a black and white edit, or WHY you chose to photograph that image with candid emotion.  In addition, we will discover how to make any location look like the perfect location, all using composition techniques!

Gone are the days of “lucky” shots.  

Welcome the days of photographing jaw-dropping photographs, ON PURPOSE! Enter, Composition Bootcamp!


I’m ready to whip you into shape!  HOOAH!  





WEEK 1: Mastering Perspective: Getting the most out of every shot

• The 5 perspectives that will change your life

• Determining the best perspective.

• Connecting emotion & perspective.

• Hints for mastering each perspective.

• LIVE DEMO VIDEO: Using multiple perspectives within a location.

WEEK 2: Composition Enhancers: The foundation of the Pro’s

• The Four Foundational composition enhancers

• Avoiding composition destroyers!

• Creating your own composition enhancers

• LIVE DEMO VIDEO: Using Composition Enhancers, LIVE!

WEEK 3: Crop. Crop. And. More. Crop.

• The why’s behind a Horizontal Crop

• The why’s behind a Vertical Crop

• Troubleshooting Uncomfortable crops

• The MUST CROP rule

• LIVE DEMO VIDEO: Determining Crop on location.

WEEK 4: Black & White photos: On purpose! + Why Location doesn’t matter

• The 3 SINS of Black & White Photography & how to beat them!

• Editing Black & White Photographs, and the MOST COMMON editing

error of new photographers exposed.

• LIVE DEMO VIDEO: Editing in Black and White + Preparing our clients

to dress for strong Black & White photos!


CBootcamp Cover Image Kids 4 851W


I am simply GIDDY about this new course!  

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Join Me for it’s DEBUT !


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