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FREE Sneak Peak of Composition Bootcamp | 6 days till registration! |

So you’ve read and re-read Major Owl’s 10 reasons why you need Bootcamp.   Awesome.

“But, what is the material really like?” You Ask.

Today is your lucky day!

Each week of bootcamp you get total access to 2 Videos.

Video #1 is the LESSON.

This is the nitty-gritty-jam-packed awesome content that you’re dying to learn about.

Enjoy this 5 minute FREE SNEAK PEAK into Composition Bootcamp!

Sneak Peakin’ Time!

This is a 5 minute peak out of 30+ minutes worth of material for Week 1 alone!  

You’ve got it right, sister, I didn’t leave anything out!

P.S.  The real-deal-videos are in gorgeous HD – but this should wet your palette!


Video #2 is the LIVE-SESSION-DEMO.

This puts all of the lesson material to work.  Join me on a live shoot as I show you how to apply it in a session!  It’s like we are working side by side!

Sneak Peak of the LIVE-SESSION-DEMO coming tomorrow!



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