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Student Spotlight: Mallory Taglia – Composition Bootcamp Graduate, Chicago Illinois Photographer

With an abundance of DSLR’s out there (which is a beautiful thing…) you RARELY hear someone say

I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago.

Cannot wait to for you to meet to the girl who actually DID that!  She’s the real-deal!


Introducing:  Mallory Taglia.

Bootcamper 2013.


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Bootcampers & I love the personalized homework reviews offered each week.  Every 7 days I love the adventure of seeing the WORLD through my Bootcampers’ lenses.

The more I saw of Mallory’s work, the more a question burned inside of me:


“What keeps you Creative?”


I donate my time and talent to the Andrea Lynn Cancer Foundation and I really feel I’m getting the better end of the deal. They are an amazing group of people who let me come and “test” out all my new and different ideas and they never seem to mind. — Mallory


One word about this photographer: Wowza.


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Last – what does Bootcamp have to offer someone who has studied photography?  Like, in COLLEGE?  

You know after you do something for so long you sometimes get “comfortable” in how your doing it and forget the basics? Bootcamp got me out of that “comfortable” stage and back to how I was looking at things when I first started. I feel so brand new again! —  Mallory

Could not have been more impressed with Mallory.  4 weeks of intense learning, refining restrictions, and forum chatter builds friendships.  So delighted to be a part this photographers journey.  She is teachable, humble, vibrant, inspiring, and simply Wowza.  Adore you, Mallory!


— Sarah Grace



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In the meantime, be sure to LIKE Mallory’s Facebook Page  and watch her work EXPLODE in the next few years!  She is on her way to great things!

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