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Student spotlight: Michaela Ristaino – Composition Bootcamp Graduate!

You know you’re in for an instant connection when someone joins the class is a TRAINED OPERA SINGER.  I died.

I love Faust, La Boheme, Madam Butterfly, The Mikado, The….

wait..this post isn’t about me.


Michaela Ristaino.  Bootcamper 2013.


Capturing someone’s true personality and spirit thrills me to pieces!  — Michaela


What I LOVE about  Michaela is the positive energy she has in life (you would have DIED laughing at her Facebook commentary during The Sound of Music, LIVE!…)  AND her ability to transfer her fabulous energy to her clients.  Can you say awesomely-contagious? This girl has what it takes!

Lovely Michaela from sunny CA has talents beyond opera.  Check out these two fabulous images she captured during our debut of Composition Bootcamp!

composition bootcamp, online photography classes, photography mentoring

This shot belongs on a 40×60 canvas, don’t you think?

Michaela’s experience during Composition Bootcamp, in her own words:

I would say that I’m more thoughtful, or at least I try to be.

More aware, mindful, and in control.

One of my biggest challenges has been feeling “scatterbrained” during a session – Feeling like I need to hurry up so that the client doesn’t feel like I’m wasting their time – or moving too quickly though the session trying to capture “something” good.

Michaelas most STUNNING image from our 4-week Bootcamp! WOW, girl!

composition bootcamp, online photography classes, photography mentoring

Bootcamp helped me to organize the composition aspects of a shoot, of course! But also taught me to slow down a bit and take the time to mindfully and purposefully compose my images using the amazing techniques we learned in class.  When I don’t do this, I end up feeling defeated and it shows in the images.  The key is really to be organized, to shoot with purpose and to have a plan of attack – and to take the TIME to stick to the plan – even if it means stopping to refer to my notes, posing ideas,  etc.   I’m not totally there YET, but I’m well on my way!

Give her some love on Facebook as well:

Maybe next time, Michaela, we should trade private opera concerts for class tuition.

Deal? Deal.

Proud of you, dear!



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