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3 Tips to being the Best-est Best Friend.

The New Year.  The New You. 


I’ve got the words of wisdom to make you the Best Friend everyone dreamt of.

Take note, I am not this kind of friend, but I have the Best-est Best Friend of them all.


And so, I photographed her & her family. (See..that’s how I make up for being the less-than-stellar-best-friend!)


She knows how to rock the world of being a BFF. So, my 3 TIPS comes from observing her.


Nikki & Brett + 2
sarah grace photography waite family session in gilbert arizona


Tip #1:  You must roadtrip.  


There is nothing that brings friends closer than endless chatting, unexpected flat tires, and scary fast-food neighborhoods – all of which will probably happen on your roadtrip.  (TMI: We also had 2 toddlers with us at the time………..that is REAL-BONDING time!)

sarah grace photography waite family session in gilbert arizona


Tip #2:  Remember the Details.  


I struggle with this!  Nikki knows my health history, my baptism date, my most-loved teacher and all about my worst breakups.  She remembers all the details, and I love her for it.

sarah grace photography waite family session in gilbert arizona

Tip #3:  Bear it all.   (NO…do not BARE it all….BEAR it all.)


Dr. G was a communications major in college and was always taught:  Self-disclosure brings us closer.  True.  Be willing to give.  Risk bearing your soul.  There’s nothing cliche’ about sharing your hopes and dreams.  You might just find a buddy willing to cheer you on along the way.  Love that!

sarah grace photography waite family session in gilbert arizona


 Love you, Nikki! 

Now booking magical couples sessions for February.  What a rad Valentines Day date…..!  Call me! 


  • January 10, 2013 - 1:11 pm

    Lindsay - Sarah–
    Seriously, you really don’t know how much I’ve been blessed by that natural light class. Knowing you through that has transformed my life! First of all, you helped me unplug, which, while I cheated some…I have changed my way of thinking about many things! I don’t waste my time following photographers who make me feel down about myself, but look for those who are positive and encouraging, like you! You are the only photographer I’ve seen that actually takes her work and turns it into work that speaks. How amazing and special these photos must be to your friend! I love the stories and inspiring words you bring to every session! Especially this one! You have captured your bff and her fam in such an amazing and beautiful way! <3 !ReplyCancel

  • January 10, 2013 - 3:59 pm

    Tamara Halls - These are so magnificent! I want mine to look just like these. Lots and lots of sunsets! So wonderful. Nikki looks amazing!ReplyCancel

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