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Kent & Flo + 3

Meet a Champion.  


We are all faced with challenges, disappointments, and heartbreak – but we also experience victories, miracles, and success.

My challenges exist. They haunt me regularly.  They may not be obvious, and they may not seem like a big deal to you – but they  hover like little Charlie Brown’s cloud.  I need some serious lessons in life from this woman…

Dear Flo has met her own trials and challenges like a Warrior (with a capital “W”)!  I have admired her for a long time, and am left impressed with her strength, laughter, and Champion-like Perseverance.

This is one woman who lives by their family motto day in and day out:

“You Can Do It!”  

Last, ask her about some killer Hot Pot (Chinese meals) for some serious jaw-dropping expertise.

(We had to throw in the most “real” shot of the day.  Isn’t this often the ONLY way to get in some romance with kids bouncing around?)

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