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Lee & Shannon + 4

Lee & Shannon + 4

These guys ‘Get’ each other.  I love sessions like this.  I love families that are REAL-DEAL.


Yes, the kids love to read, be outside, they are great spellers, love animals, and all play musical instruments (really well, in fact!).  Yes, Lee goes off to foreign lands on computer business because he’s simply that smart.  Oh and yes, Shannon’s entire home decor should be ‘Pinterest-ed’.  It is quirky, stunning, and pops with color. Shannon is an artist, fabulous party host (maybe in the next life for me…), and a grand cook.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  All those things.


Look a little closer.  Look a little deeper.

What will you find?

Larger than life pencil drawings of all 4 kids hang above the stairs.  All drawn by Shannon.

A great love story of
‘Will you go out with me?’
‘I’m busy’
‘Will you go out with me?’
‘I’m can’t’
‘Will you go out with me? ‘Yes’

“Will you Marry Me?”  “YES!”  (Ok…I’m sure there are details somewhere in between that I’ve missed….but those are the basics..)


Imagine the Ultimate Neighbor.  That is Lee.  Need something done – it’s done, and he Thanks you for the opportunity.  He’s got a solid handshake, too.

They love being together, whether it’s on an ice cream outing, building lego sets together, or a vicious game of Scrabble.  Family time is worthwhile time.


The Joy of doing ‘What Matters Most’

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