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Move over Vogue.

Conrad & Jamie Hilton

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‘Sarah, I should hang around you more.  You are really good for me.’  — Jamie Hilton

See why we’re friends?

Jamie has a superb gift of making you feel so gosh darn GOOD inside.  She listens well, has killer hair (even on days I DON’T take her picture), and she has a sweet knack for design.  So whimsical!  Oh….and since I know I’ll get emails about where she got her fabulous shirt…I’ll spare you the trouble…Last Chance. Not for the faint of heart. 


I feel like there should be a cover-story here for the MUST HAVE ‘LOOKS’ FOR GORGEOUS FAMILY PHOTOS, Pg. 106.

Seriously, Hilton Fam, your look belongs on Vogue.

This sweet girl is priceless.  She has told me the following:

  • Wow, your dress is so pretty.
  • (upon me attempting a craft….) Sarah, I think that looks really good.  You are good at that.

There can be some lonely moments when the husband is pushing through Medical School.  These two have really made it work.  No prompting needed to get these sweet shots.

Favorite Shot of the day.

The JOY of connection.  Love you, Hiltons.

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