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What 31 days of LifeUnplugged Taught me: Part 2 of 4

Nor sure what’s going on?  Read Part 1 of my 31 day days of LifeUnplugged here.  


A little reminder of what the 3 Rules of my LifeUnplugged challenge were:

Rule #1:  No Facebook.   Zero. Nadda. 

Rule #2: No phone time or texting if someone else was in the room with me.

and finally….

Rule #3:  Gmail could be checked once per day, for 20 minutes, and once that time ended, ALL emails had to wait until tomorrow.


I just had to make some rules to soak in my Utah Summer with these fine people:




One of the greatest things I learned was…

#2: I noticed MORE while plugging in LESS. 

This was not only life-changing for my little family, but also for my photography!   Read on…

The days of meditation, pondering, self introspection, seem to be dwindling with the constant battle for our attention.

With those entrapping devices left out of sight, I noticed more things. Important things.  

I am a mom.  I am also a wife, a sister, a daughter, an in-law, and a BYU football fan.  Go Cougars!  

With Dr. G fully invested in medical school right now, there is no shortage of time that Miss M and I get to spend alone together.  I am a master at pretending with Lightning McQueen and Mater down the racetrack,   I feel like an awesome mom as I make weekly cookies with Miss M by my side, and Miss M hasn’t missed a night of flossing since age 1.5.  

In theory, I am pretty darn fabulous and I’m doing a lot of things well.  I was doing things with her.  Good things.  Even GREAT things on those particularly “good mom” days.  But… 

I was missing something.  

I was missing NOTICING HER as a person.  A sweet little person.  I was taking care of all of her needs, giving her fun experiences, but I wasn’t taking that time to ask myself questions like:

What are her needs?

What are her strengths?

What does she struggle with?

How can I empower her in this tricky world?

I have had many conversations with a great friend of mine, about how we want to be moms who take mothering seriously.  Like, Dead Serious.  It needs time of meditation, assessment, and pondering to get those ‘gut feelings’ all sorted out as we try to do our best for those sweet babies we have.  How is it possible to have those quite moments or reflection alongside all of those other temporal needs that need immediate attention?  Oh yes, www…we Unplug.  Darn it, I am trying to hard to be better at this!

While living LifeUnplugged, I had many moments of being with Miss M.  At the park.  On a walk.  Playing outside.  Many, if not ALL of these moments would have been spent texting my friends or checking email as I ‘monitored Miss M’s safety’ (sounds SO robotic….), yet these moments turned into quiet moments.  Those enlightening moments of reflection.  

In a crazy way, I’m addicted to them.  Even though I am ‘off’ of my fast from technology, I have still kept Rule #2 in effect because of how it’s impacted my influence as a mom. it possible that rules and restrictions actually give us Freedom?        Sounds oddly….true!  

On a light note, my photographer side LOVED being unplugged.  I noticed more beautiful details in the seemingly normal creations around me.  It makes me KICK myself for the times I have hiked while texting on the flat stretches.  Heavens..I am SURE those THINGS can wait.  



Challenge:  Be someone who Notices things.  :)


Part 3 coming Thursday. Gift Card Entry:

Go 1 day with really trying to NOTICE someone close to you.  (Spouse, child, co-worker, self).  Comment below on what you noticed (Maybe you noticed a strength in yourself…cool!)  

For an extra entry:

LIKE my facebook page.  and comment below that you did :)

For an extra-extra entry:  

Post a photo on my facebook wall of something beautiful around you that you NOTICED.  Be sure to tell me where you’re photographing from!  Don’t be shy!  Comment below about it!


Drawing will be held for after Part 4 is published.  All entries will be entered from Part 1 through Part 4 for the Gift Card.

  • September 10, 2012 - 5:52 pm

    Jenny Skender - I liked you on facebook. I’m going to now try and notice someone special.ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:18 pm

      Sarah Grace - Thanks for the LIKE. I hope you found someone special to notice! It’s a fun experience, even if it’s a total stranger! Makes for a happier existence. :)ReplyCancel

  • September 11, 2012 - 8:31 am

    Krystina Turnblom - I liked your Facebook page. If I get a camera I might need some help figuring it out:)ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:23 pm

      Sarah Grace - Hooray for LIKES. :)
      I am always game to help with those sparkly new cameras. Stay tuned for my upcoming Photo Basics class this fall!ReplyCancel

  • September 12, 2012 - 9:21 pm

    Amanda G - I noticed that there are more people around me who care about me and how I’m doing than I thought there were.ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:24 pm

      Sarah Grace - That must feel good for the soul! Yes, people do care about you. A lot. I know that for a fact, Amanda!ReplyCancel

  • September 12, 2012 - 9:24 pm

    Amanda G - What if I liked your fb page before the drawing began? Cuz I did.ReplyCancel

  • September 14, 2012 - 11:27 pm

    Becca - My tomato plants were bursting with goodness and my kids are my most enthused pickers. “Unplugging” helped me see and take the chance to spend time with them rustling through the greenery, hunting for reds and yellows, rinsing our treasures and tasting a few. I saw that harvest time is their favorite thing about our garden! Those sparkling eyes, dirty toes, and juicy maters made for a memorable morning and a satisfied momma.ReplyCancel

  • September 17, 2012 - 8:12 am
  • September 17, 2012 - 7:48 pm

    Michelle - With three boys, sometimes I get caught up in the every day hard things and forget to stop and listen to the wonderful individuals that each of these children are. When I do, I realize that each came perfectly equipped for their place in life. What a blessing!ReplyCancel

  • September 18, 2012 - 1:17 am

    Susan - Be someone who notices things. Wonderful, Sarah! When you were a little girl, we used to love to go for a leisurely walk along the upper canal. I made sure we went when there were no deadlines or appointments we needed to get back for. We walked slowly–we weren’t there to get our heart rate up! You always found striped caterpillars, snails, pretty leaves, and milk weed pods to open and to blow! And, oh yes, what is more fun than throwing rocks–lots of rocks–into the water. Children are so good to “notice” things, Sarah. That includes you, and now you see that charm in dear, sweet Macy.ReplyCancel

  • September 19, 2012 - 8:43 pm

    Torri M - Today I noticed how much I miss my boy when he is gone to preschool–why do I get so “busy” and long for that ‘me’ time when soon he will be in school and gone more than he is at home? It made me want to make the most of the time we have now!ReplyCancel

  • September 19, 2012 - 8:44 pm

    Torri M - I like your facebook page!ReplyCancel

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