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Student Feature: Lisa Saint, Composition Bootcamp Class of 2014





Normally, I start with a witty “grab-your-attention” line prior to showing you a Bootcamper’s photo.

Not. This. Time.

No need when a photo like the above shot comes across your gaze.  Stunning, Lisa.  Let’s add a little more wowza to her name, shall we?


I immediately discovered Lisa’s gift with photographing textures.  She sees them everywhere, and brings out their natural beauty.  I could stare at it all day, Lisa!

Lisa had a little bit to say about her Bootcamp Experience:


“Wow where to start … I am now seeing prospective photos everywhere!  Such surprisingly simple techniques, but oh so effective.  I no longer take one shot of subject be it a person, landscape or animal, in just one location/pose.  I now have a whole heap of ideas which spring to mind and this helps to not over think limitations of a location, instead I can happily tailor the shot to fit my purpose – perfect!”


I am especially excited to surprise the lovely Lisa Saint as a


for capturing that incredible horse!  

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Congratulations, Lisa!  Honored to feature you on the blog!



Got BLAH photos?

There are many, many online photography workshops you can jump on board with.  Why would Composition Bootcamp be best for you?  It is all about results, friend.

How do we transform photographers through the Bootcamp experience?

First, the material.  I hold nothing back as I walk you through my own personal shoots, and how I make my composition decisions.  We might as well be neighbors for how real-deal it feels.  Second, the community.  Chat back and forth (and network!) with other photographers itching to grow just like you.  They become your greatest fans, and friends throughout your journey.  Last, the feedback.  Grab a VIP spot and you and I go one-on-one via video to look at your photos and discover your greatest strengths, and plan for next time how to conquer specific concepts holding you back.  It’s a glorious thing (and it also happens to be my favorite part of the course!).  Learn more about The Bootcamp Experience here.

Join me for the Bootcamp Experience in September of 2014!

Sign up here to stay up-to-date for our next registration + get free goodies!

In the meantime, be sure to jump on over to Lisa’s Smugmug Page. This girl has got skills!

Did you miss our last Bootcamp Graduate Spotlight?  Meet Michaela here! 

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