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Up and Coming: Jenni Chung, Cedar Falls IOWA Photographer

Facebook gets awfully crowded sometimes.

So many shared blogs to read, so many “Which Hunger Games Character Are You” surveys to take, and so many Happy Birthdays to post about.

But sometimes…

Sometimes you are left breathless.

Welcome to my world of breathlessness last Wednesday when this popped up on my Facebook feed.




Jenni Chung Photography, Photographer feature, up and coming photographer

(Nikon D90 with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lense at f/1.4.)

Thinking your creativity is at an all-time low?

Think again.


So pleased to feature Jenni,

from Jenni Chung Photography



Jenni’s words about Levitation:

“The collaboration was the most important part of creating this image–the Icarus concept was my model, Abigail’s, idea, and the photo itself was an inspired creation. The making of the photo in-camera was simple and only took about 15 minutes to shoot, while the editing took 12+ hours.”


Don’t miss a “breathless” facebook moment from her stunning work: Jenni Chung Photography on Facebook

As her newest fan, this is one up-and-coming Photographer I’m going to keep my eye on!

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