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A More Joyful Life: 4 Joyful Truths About Love

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Need a little more love after February 14th.

The lovely Becca has you covered.


Keep the Mistletoe Up

We have a sprig of mistletoe hanging in our kitchen.  It is a permanent fixture that does not come and go with the seasons.  Our kids giggle and gag when they see us kiss.  Show your love and affection to each other daily!  Hold hands, embrace chivalry, sit next to each other, and say I love you.  Even on the hard days.  Physical touch is a beautiful way of expressing love.  Keep the Mistletoe up.


#1 Fan 

Humans are famous for being hard on themselves.  Help them see how amazing they really are & how grateful you are to have them in your life.  Celebrate their successes!  Be an unfailing safety net for their falls!  Know the game plan together and keep your eyes on the goal.  Championships and Happily Ever Afters are all about choosing them.  Be their #1 Fan.


As Thou Sayest  

We love to brag about each other in front of our children.  With all of the daily wildness of life, our children know we are madly in love with each other.  Few things are more telling in a relationship than how you speak about each other when “other” isn’t present.  No amount of ranting to friends or rolling of the eyes will ever enrich anyones love life.  Quite the opposite.  The more your speech reflects the goodness you see in them, the more goodness you will find.  And they will thank you for it. Your relationship will be as thou sayest.


Give the Gift of the Magi

In this timeless story by O Henry, a young couple in a barebones apartment with dreams for the future each secretly gave up something they highly treasured to purchase a gift for their beloved.  Della’s gift of a beautiful watch chain would have to wait to be used as Jim had sold his precious watch to buy her a set of beautiful combs she had been admiring.  Della, having sold her hair to purchase her gift, would have to wait to use her cherished combs.  And while the gifts remained useless for a time, the true gift was in the giving. Something comes alive inside of us when we sacrifice for someone else.  Not grudgingly.  Not out of obligation.  But truly giving because we love them and we love US more than we love ourselves.  Give the Gift of the Magi.



P.S. Need a Valentines Gift for your Love that costs less than $1?  Guaranteed to make him swoon.


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