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A More Joyful Life Series: 4 Tips to Improving your Luck in Life by Becca

4 Joyful Tips to Improving Your Luck

My husband proposed to me on St Patrick’s Day

in the wee hours of the morning. My sisters joke that a shamrock is the new symbol of true love! I lucked out. He is my dearest friend. But whether you believe in luck, good karma, hard work, blessings, or chance, here are 4 tips more valuable than a lucky penny in helping you have the best chance at a great day.


1- Brag About Others

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This new hobby is surprisingly delightful. I love bragging about children in front of their parents. Or better yet, bragging about parents in front of their children, especially teenagers. “You’re mom is amazing! She is so talented and thoughtful! I’m so glad we are neighbors.” or “You should have seen your son cleaning up after class! He is such a hard worker and so fun to be around.” Family life can be such a roller coaster. Your efforts to look outward and point someone towards the things they are doing well can be much more than a breath of fresh air.

The truths you share can be a dynamic protector agains the lies they may believe about themselves.

Be that person who uplifts and builds.


2- Gratitude Snap Shots

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote

“Earth’s crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”

We have an incredible power to see things not as they appear, but as they really are. Look around. Stop and really listen.

Beneath every common home, child, friend, or foe is something divine.

Surrounding every mundane task, inconvenience, or disappointment is the opportunity to pluck blackberries and sigh, or to see things in a different light. Gratitude is an amazing tonic for the things that bring us down. Selfishness, pride, discontentment, self loathing, and envy have no place inside a grateful heart. Pause throughout your day to take a gratitude snap shot. A daily session would be even better!


3- It Does a Body Good
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While no one is immune to the ailments that our bodies may experience during life, treating your body well will always give you the upper hand. Our bodies are an amazing combination of systems that we expect to work together to help us do the things we love to do!

When our bodies have problems, it can affect us in every area of life.

When I found myself being worn out chasing young children around, I realized that I needed to be physically stronger to be the kind of mother I wanted to be! I am a huge proponent of baby steps because that is how habits are made. I realized that I was regularly dehydrated, the newly-discovered cause of my daily headaches! A water bottle positioned on my kitchen counter reminded me to hydrate every time I walked by. I’ve discovered the healthy foods that I love and try to keep them on hand. I have found ways to exercise that fit into my schedule. Over the years I have gone for walks, raced on a treadmill, and gained strength and balance through yoga. When it was an exceptionally busy day, I’ve even done leg lifts while stirring something on the stove or lateral lunges while folding clothes. I’ve taken advantage of a spare minute to do push ups, always trying to do one more than I did the day before. I’ve played at the park rather than diving into my phone. I’ve never owned a pass to a gym but have still found my own ways to become stronger for me and my family. Whether your body is in need of more rest, better nutrition, or more frequent physical activity, take those baby steps. It does a body good.


4 – Plan, Prepare, and Pray
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I remember a time when I was in the habit of fearing the new day.

I didn’t know that I was.  I just remember going to bed and feeling more anxious than usual.  I felt like so much depended on me and could not fathom how to take care of it all.   Winging it was not going to suffice this time, nor was trying to please everyone.   Was I just out of luck?

I realized how much my mind (and heart!) needed a real plan.  I made note of my true desires and priorities.   I was the Homemaker in my Castle and my influence there is serious business.  How was I going to get it ALL done?   I wasn’t.  But my true desires and priorities needed a permanent place.  I felt more prepared each night as I wrote up a more realistic list and schedule for the following day.  I became a student of my trade and learned better ways to manage my Castle.  I worked hard.  I chose to smile.  I loved my fellow subjects.  And I prayed.  I earnestly prayed for help.  We cannot plan and prepare for everything.  But I believe the promise, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”  No fear.  Now that’s a good day.

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