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A More Joyful Life Series: What Noelle Pikus-Pace taught me about Being Together.

Another Olympics has made its way into the history books.  Triumph and heartache.  Focus and distraction.  Opportunities and missed opportunities.  I’ve asked myself, “What is it that makes us so excited about these events every 2 years?!” 

I never follow a pinch of bobsled, the nordic combined, or alpine skiing in my day to day life.

But my entire family thrills to watch these events and so many others when the Olympics roll around.  Why?  I’ve found my answer.

I love seeing goals achieved.  I love seeing personal triumphs unfold.  I love the excitement, the tears, the relief!  So much work and so much sacrifice, all towards a single goal.  As we watch, we feel like we are part of it.  And maybe even feel some sort of greatness swell within ourselves. 

We laughed and cried as we watched Noelle Pikus-Pace speed toward the finish line, knowing that her goal had been to win an Olympic medal.  We knew of the years and years she had been so close to achieving this goal, only to have brick walls appear in her path, so many of which were out of her control.  After the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and a 4th place finish, she thought she was finished.

noelle pikus pace, sochi olympics, a more joyful life, by becca

The unique part of her story is the ultimatum she and her husband set for themselves.  They would only return to this sport and dreams for an Olympic medal, if the family could do it together.  And together they did.  Her sled was built by her husband.  Her training partners were her children, joining her during her training and at every event leading up to Sochi.  Family really was their true priority.  For them, sacrificing the family for a medal wasn’t something they were willing to do.  Their GOAL was to reach this dream together.  And their silver medal victory was pure gold.

Family is a Powerful thing.


noelle pikus pace, sochi olympics, a more joyful life, by becca

I’ve heard it said that as a family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the entire world in which we live. Have you ever sat back and wondered WHY you do all that you do?  What are your goals for your family?  What keeps you focused on your true priorities when social distractions, tragedies, or other challenges seek to impede?  Do you realize all you can achieve when you set goals and work towards them together?

Never has a family stood together on the podium of the medals plaza to receive cheers and applause for their monumental accomplishments.  But families who work together to achieve their goals will receive personal accolades that are truly priceless. 

Your family will grow in their abilities. 
You will learn to work through brick walls. 
You will learn to heal together. 
You will learn to cheer for each other. 
You will learn to spend your time better. 
You will learn to trust each other. 
You will see in one another a swell of greatness. 

noelle pikus pace, sochi olympics, a more joyful life, by becca

Your goals may not be easily measured.  Your goals may even be eternal. But when you cross that finish line and achieve your greatest goal, you may repeat what we heard at an Olympic finish line:  “We did it!  We did it.”  Together.  Something I love even more than the Olympics.


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  • February 27, 2014 - 1:03 pm

    Kathy - I am crying! Beautiful, encouraging, and just what I needed to read today. I needed motivation. We, my family and I, can do this together!ReplyCancel

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