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Why didn’t I get to know you SOONER!

Dear Tamara,

We have had this conversation more.than.once.

We should have been friends long ago.  Too bad I fell into the “she’s too intimidating” way of life until months before you moved.

Regret, regret, regret!


I harbor some fabulous memories of your splendid posture, pant shopping for our husbands, and standing in AWE at how awesome our white van’s are.  Thank you, sincerely, for letting me in your home on so many occasions.  It just felt good!

Words to describe how YOU live:  Courageous, Dedicated, Selfless, “Real”, Genuine, and Loyal.  (Funny thing…your kids are starting to show those same traits…go figure!)

Utah is spoiled rotten to have you.

Last, and most important, I will always refer to you as next-in-line to the throne behind Kate Middleton, because you are simply that stunning.  You are dripping with class, friend.

Cheers to you, the friend I should have gotten to know sooner.  


Love you, deary. 

Sarah Grace

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