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Photo Polish

Camera? Check. Experience? Check. Love of photography? Double check. Now, how to take the next step by making your business, brand, and photos IRRESISTIBLE!  


Welcome to Photo Polish!

…a photography consultation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Whatever your story, I can help you channel your creativity, master (or discover!) your niche in the business, and create photos so amazing that your clients will want all of them.


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Why Sarah Grace/Photo Polish?

Hear what your client is really thinking.

I first look at your photos, business, and website as if I were your client. What hidden messages come across on your website? Do I feel like I look fat? Are the smiles fake? Is the editing inconsistent between the photos? Our end goal is to create photos so amazing that your client can’t live without them.

I look for the patterns.

Every photographer has her best three shots, but I examine a whole session of your photos to unearth what you do consistently well… and what can be better.

Improve your photography and your editing and your business.  

Other services focus on one or the other, but Photo Polish looks at everything—your technique, your equipment, your editing, and your business as a whole. Essentially, we discover the root of the underlying issues—and implement solutions to make success inevitable.  Can’t seem to book clients? Let’s find and captivate your target market.  Skin tones looking cold? Let’s talk about white balance. (Don’t know what white balance is? We’ll get you started.) Groups a bit off balance? Effective composition, here we come.

Engage in real-time conversation.

Our hour together via Skype is a bona fide, two-way, back-and-forth conversation. I’ll tell you what your greatest strengths are, and we’ll talk about how to improve. We’ll cover a lot (posing, lighting, editing, emotion in photos, aesthetic, crop, location…) but you’ll receive a recording of the entire conversation so you won’t miss a word. We’ll end our consultation by choosing four photo elements to work on, so you know your next move to photographer extraordinaire.

Follow up.

Within five business days, you’ll receive your Polish Playbook, your personal manual to photographic success. Your playbook addresses four things to work on and includes articles, assignments, tips for your specific camera, links, my personal foolproof stragegies, and much more! Plus, you can submit photos for the next four weeks showing your improvements, and I’ll give you feedback via video to ensure that you’ve mastered the concept. (Bottom line: you’ll walk away with four assignments to make you awesome!)

How does it work?

First things first, you’ll fill out a wickedly-exciting questionnaire for me.  I bet you can’t wait!

MacBook Pro Image Galleries PPolish

1. Send me your typical session. Do you normally give clients 60 images? 35? Great. Send me your session (edited and beautiful) as you would hand it to your precious client.

2. I look at your photos like a client, and then I dig in. I analyze your session and look for patterns, specific things to improve in your photography big and small. By the time I’m through, I’m intimately familiar with your style and how you can better capture your clients’ joy. (I might even take a sneak peak at your website to see what message you’re presenting!)

iPHone 4 with my face skype

3. Skype chat. We get to talk for up to an hour, a real two-way conversation via Skype. This critique is about moving forward with your business, your dreams, your photography,  not just fixing things with a program—and it’s all recorded so you won’t miss a word.

photo polish, online photography mentoring

4. Polish Playbook. (VIP & PREMIERE): At the end of our conversation, I will create a personalized plan with four specific elements to work on in the next month. I will create your own playbook with tips, tricks, and articles catered to YOU to help you move forward.

5. Four weeks of personalized mini feedbacks. (VIP only):  Get the ultimate experience!   I won’t leave you hanging! Let me personally guide you to success as you submit a few images every week showcasing what you’ve been working on. You will get specific, progressive, and encouraging one-on-one feedback (via video) to confirm that concept is solid.


4 Surprising Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Become a Fabulous Photographer.

photo polish, online photography mentoring

On a budget?

Glad to hear it.

With Photo Polish, you won’t waste another dime on action sets, marketing guides or templates that sit unused!  Your experience here is totally personalized to YOUR business, YOUR market, YOUR images, and  YOUR big dreams.  You’ll save more than the cost of Polish by avoiding the spontaneous purchases that benefit your business nothing. Guaranteed.


photo polish, online photography mentoring

Feeling alone in a saturated business?

Never again.

Photo Polish is all about One-on-One.  Through the beauty of Skype, let’s chat face-to-face (virtual style) to get down to the nitty gritty of where you are at, and make a plan for success! As an added bonus for VIP friends, we can all hang out way past midnight (and way after your mentoring session) in our “Polishers” Facebook Group.  It’s a cool place.  You’ve got a friend in me…  (Cue Toy Story  tunes)


photo polish, online photography mentoring

Not sure if your photos are ready for business?

No problem.

I’ve got you covered!  After I’ve come up-close and personal with your work as a photographer, I will hand-create a personalized 4-week system play book that will highlight your niche and get your photos rockin’ more than ever before.

And there’s more… Homework assignments tailored to your needs + encouraging video feedback on your images is the gateway to finding out how YOU can thrive as a photographer…starting now.


photo polish, online photography mentoring

Too busy to do advertising/editing/blogging/social media/customer service/
have a life + make some serious cash?


We will work together to define your priorities, eliminate wasted efforts on gimmicks that don’t work, and discover simple tricks to becoming an efficient-photography-extraordinaire! Freedom is at your fingertips.


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Let’s DO this!


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Sarah Grace has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, LOVES to edit photos while listening to Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony , and has recently become mildly addicted to Hot Bagels, the newest bagel joint in town.  She is devouring this awesome time in Arizona by playing “Dog Salon” and “Airport” with her little girl, Miss M, and is currently smitten with her new baby boy Wiggin.  Don’t worry, it’s a nickname.  If you find her bragging about her husband, who is in the midst of medical school, it is because he is pretty fabulous.


What’s the word on the street about Photo Polish?


I was blown away by Photo Polish!  I have spent hundreds of dollars on mass photography courses, and found that this was exactly what I needed.  It was like a personalized photography class!  The best investment I have made so far in my photography!  — Brooke B.


My VIP experience was so great.  I was amazed at how amazing my photographs looked after implementing my Polish Playbook.  I never new I could improve that much, and that fast!  — Talia C.


I have been so overwhelmed with how to make my images look great.  I didn’t know whether it was editing problems, shooting problems, or even posing problems that were holding me back.  Sarah Grace’s advice was “revelatory” for me!  I was so surprised at how much focusing on just 4 concepts could completely boost the level of my pictures! Thank you, Sarah Grace! — Cassandra H.


What I loved most about my experience with Photo Polish was how open and giving Sarah Grace was with her ideas.  I know she wants me to be successful, and I came away from the whole experience so inspired, PLUS my images look so much better. Win-Win!  I plan on doing the VIP Consultation every year!  It’s the best money I have spent so far! — Shelly W.


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