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Looking to give, and I need your help.

Let’s have an important conversation…

Sarah:  Would you like to give a gift to someone who is really in need?


You:  Of course! That’s the reason for the season, isn’t it?

Sarah:  Yes, indeed,  and this is a different kind of gift than you might usually give.


You:  Different?   Like . . . how different?

Sarah:  This gift won’t cost you a thing, and you would be part of a project that would bring Joy to someone’s heart. 


You:  So, What’s the catch? and.. What’s the gift?

Sarah: No catch.  Here’s the deal:  I want YOU to send to ME the name(s) and story of a person, a couple, a child , or a family. 

Please nominate someone that would really benefit and appreciate a free-of-charge 1 1/2 hour photo shoot from a professional photographer (that would be me), for a session they would love but could’t afford.

Nominate someone who has had a tough year, lost a spouse, is always thinking of others,  lost their job, or had a recent accident that left them injured.  I would love to photograph them, on your behalf, for free.  Period.  


You:  Awesome! I want to be a part of that! What do I do?



Between now and January 4th, 2013

send your nominations to:




The specifics in 6 sentences:


with the name(s) and personal background behind those you wish to nominate.

I am giving away 4 photography sessions for the 2013 year.

Nominees must live in either Arizona or Utah.

Only 1 nomination per email address.

Deadline to submit your nomination is January 4, 2013

You will be notified, by email, of the winners via email by January 11, 2013.



Help me reach those who define the resilient heart, live a life of sacrifice, and inspire the world.

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