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12-days of Christmas: Photography Style: Ornaments


In just 12 days of Christmas you can capture your Holiday Magic.

Didn’t get the 12-days-of-capturing-christmas download?  Silly, silly – download it for FREE! 

Today, capture the ornaments.

I grew up with a tree of random/non-matching ornaments.  They all have a story. By just glancing at them, I dive deep into nostalgia.  Have a matchy-matchy set of ornaments?  That’s just fine! They can still look a-mazing with a few little tricks!


Tricks for Capturing Beautiful Ornaments

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#1: Leave the tree lights on.

Christmas lights can leave a beautiful sparkle to your already awesome ornaments.

#2: Keep that aperture open!

f/1.8 and LOWER will create that dreamy depth of field you are aiming for here!

#3: Photograph them on the tree.

It is their natural habitat after all.

#4: Consider a unique perspective.

Does the bottom say where the ornament was made/purchased? That might be a nice angle to take the photo from!  Details near the top that are your favorite? Consider a bird’s eye view.

#5: Back them up, store them, or even publish a mini book.

It’s always smart to keep those photos safe – it is your beautiful life, right?  I love Smugmug for all my backing up needs + they have fabulous customer service.  :)  Consider putting your ornaments in a book to keep the memories more tangible!  I love BLURB for beautiful albums (big and small!), and MPIX has adorable mini-accordian albums for a more trendy option.

Looking forward to Day 2:  Your Favorite Decor



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