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Ode to Love.

I met Dr. G at the ripe old age of 24.

Wait…Wait….let’s aim for honesty.

I probably met Dr. G when I was 12, maybe 14.  He lived in my town.  He attended my church.  So – how is it possible that we don’t have this gushy-mushy-high-school-sweethearts-story?

4.5 words:

Band Geek.  vs.  Soccer Star

1 guess as to who was the band geek.  :)   More on those details in a later post.

Regardless, the stars aligned for us in July of 2006.  The timing was simply, right.  It felt right.

In honor of the Day of Love I had to look back on how we even got here – and share it with you.  Enjoy this blast from the past.

I don’t remember the story behind this photo.  All I remember is that this was at a time I KNEW he was what I wanted.  Now….how to bribe him….blind him…..hmm…..


For sure jealous that HE looks handsome and AMAZING while pulling faces.  I look like one of those garage sale ‘Baby Alive’ dolls.  Eek.  :)

 Ignore the poor quality photo.  I don’t care that it’s poor quality – it documents us doing one of our favorite things……

Playing Halo on XBOX together.

Yep.  We spent many a nights teaming up, ridding the world of aliens.

(Secret Fact:  The XBOX was mine…not his.  I’m a rare breed…)

We spent many occasions dancing.  (Hmm…we should do that more often!)  We have a ‘song’ that still makes my heart swoon!

November 2006.  Just think….I’d have a pretty shiny ring in just over a month!  Can you see the heavenly SIGH over my face in this photo.  I so love this boy.

Happy Valentines Day!

Greg and I will be married 5 years this summer….to celebrate we are commissioning a Couples Photography Session.  Looking forward to those gorgeous photos!

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