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What 31 days of LifeUnplugged Taught Me: Part 3 of 4

Where is Part 1 and Part 2?  Part 1 is HERE.  Part 2 is HERE.

Sushi is gross.  Period.  In my 31 days of being Unplugged, it was the 3rd time I’ve tried it, and it makes me squirm.

Poor Dr. G, it’s his favorite food.  


RANDOM…Wait..this does have a point.


Part 1 and Part 2’s conclusions seem pretty obvious, right?

Most things can WAIT.  Most THINGS can wait.

We notice MORE when plugging in LESS.

Easy Breezy, right?  It’s not like any of this would be considered profound.  My third revelation is no different, in fact, it was the most subtle of them all.  All brought together by sushi of all things…

#3:  I have convictions, and I control how these convictions are shaped.   

Bear with me as I pull this together, www.

There are certain things that cross my mind during the day:

  • Colored Jeans (I have them in red…)

  • Chevron Pillows (freshly sewn in burnt orange)

  • Downtown Abbey (Season 3 starts WHEN?)

  • Camel leather messenger bags

  • Justin Bieber….wait, that doesn’t really cross my mind…

None of these things are bad, in fact – many of them are CRUCIAL to my survival during this (Great/Rewarding/Empowering) Med School experience.  I have been exposed to these awesome things thanks to Netflix,, Pinterest, etc. – but all of that had was going away for my UnPlugged experiment.  This was tough for me.  I like chatting it up with the best of them about the latest craze!  But, I dropped my exposure to all of it.  

After 31 days of being away from all, I came back to AZ .  Dun. Dun. Dun!

I was gasping at horrific floral printed skinny jeans, sad that side braids were starting to fade, and miffed that the Country Countdown had brand new songs (I’m the sing-a-long type).      

Then it dawned on me.  I am being manipulated into coming to certain opinions or convictions about things.  

Conviction is a strong word, especially when chatting about wardrobe choices, but I know it could bleed in to more intense choices.  Being constantly pressured with images of the IN thing, we don’t often have time to create our own opinion.  Maybe it’s trivial like Colored Skinny Jeans (yes we capitalize things we LOVE!) – or of a more serious nature, like Politics – the bottom line is still the same:

We will be influenced.  

LifeUnplugged gives us a chance to breath, ponder (like Part 2!), and sort out our true feelings about things.  Big or small.  

Back to Sushi.  

I so desperatly WANT to love Sushi.  It’s colorful, beautiful to photograph, and makes me feel cultured when it sits in front of me.  Sadly, reality strikes, and I think it is gross.  Slimy-nasty-gross.  Me deciding I didn’t like Sushi didn’t happen because I Unplugged for 31 days, but it certain sparked this idea of HOW our convictions are shaped.

See, I said it wasn’t random.

Long ago, from my 3rd official shoot of my career.  And…because every post is better with a photo. 

Part 4 on MONDAY.   Monday @ Midnight PT is your last day to enter for goodies! Gift Card Entry:

Leave a comment below about ONE TRUE CONVICTION you have.  Big Deal. Small Deal.  Doesn’t matter.  :)

For an extra entry:

LIKE my facebook page.  and comment below that you did:)

Drawing will be held for after Part 4 is published.  All entries will be entered from Part 1 through Part 4 for the Gift Card. (You may enter once per post (or more if there is a 2nd option!) + 1 extra entry for Liking my Facebook page.)



  • September 13, 2012 - 8:58 am

    Sandra Armenteros - My true conviction is that a clean and organized home is KEY to a less chaotic, more peaceful life. I recently finished purging a lot of stuff I didn’t truly need and I no longer have to move to a bigger house. I spend less time picking up and more time playing with my son. Fabulous!ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:26 pm

      Sarah Grace - That is a SOLID conviction. I imagine that purge felt incredible! I love the idea of throwing things out so that you’re picking up less. Genius, Sandra. I just might copy you! :) Too many toys at my house.ReplyCancel

  • September 13, 2012 - 11:08 am

    Jamie - My true conviction is that I want this gift card:) no really, my true conviction is to be quick to smile. It works. But I am just now understanding why. #wishiknewbefore30ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:29 pm

      Sarah Grace - My fingers are crossed for you, Jamie, for that gift card. :) Smiles go a long, long way. I have been on the receiving end of that, and I appreciate it. :) I’d love to hear your ‘why’s behind why it’s important. :)ReplyCancel

  • September 13, 2012 - 12:18 pm

    Lisa - Funny, this convictions topic came up for me just last night, in the form of religion/spirituality. It really didn’t have anything to do with becoming unplugged, at least not in the technological sense, but maybe becoming unplugged from your upbringing a bit. It occurred to me, while talking to my Mom last night about my 3-year-old and how I plan to raise her, spiritually, that all of our religious/spiritual convictions are essentially passed on to us by our parents. In other words, dictated to us. We don’t have the opportunity to decide for ourselves what we really think (until we’re adults, of course, but even then, some just follow their parents’ path). But spirituality is a funny thing, and I’ve noticed this before in other families…unless a child is exposed to SOMEthing, their thoughts don’t naturally go in a spiritual direction unless sent that way by some major life event. So, our plan is to pass on to our daughter our faith, as we see it, and to let her know when she’s older that this is what WE believe, but there are different faiths out there that she’s free to explore.ReplyCancel

    • September 13, 2012 - 11:36 pm

      Sarah Grace - Lisa, I simply loved your comment. How fun that we were on the same page thinking about this! We can all be chain-breakers of positive or negative upbringings. It was neat to read about your plans for your 3 year old, and her spiritual upbringing. I have a 3 year old. There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do but immerse them with what we believe, and allow them opportunities to LIVE those beliefs with hopes that they will find their path. I applaud you for being so in tune with how to shape her life. Cheering you on!ReplyCancel

  • September 15, 2012 - 11:54 am

    EmJ - I have found in recent years my true conviction is ORGANIZATION & SCHEDULING. Not because I like to live by my schedule or even really love organizing things, but because when either is gone I crave the sanity I feel when they are part of my life. When I’m organized and have a schedule things can come up and I can make an informed decision about what things to move around and the consequences of being spontaneous (which I love.) As a youth, teenager & young adult I LOATHED being organized and having a schedule. I wanted to be free to do whatever-whenever. But I always ended up procrastinating, cramming, letting others’ down and even ended up getting fired from a job. When I finally caved to what seemed inevitable, I found SUPREME FREEDOM! The very thing I wanted and craved came through the very thing I loathed. I still find the occasional struggle when I really just want to “ride it out” but the consequences always remind me how much smoother and enjoyable my life is when I seek organization and scheduling!ReplyCancel

  • September 17, 2012 - 9:25 am

    Amanda G - My conviction is that if a taste must be aquired, then it’s not worth eating or drinking. Talking to people about various foods, I’ve often asked “why do you eat or drink that? It tastes aweful” to which they reply, “it’s an acquired taste.” If I have to desensitize my tastebuds in order to enjoy it, it’s not worth my time. There are too many other things out there that I do enjoy to waste my time forcing myself to like something because someone told me I would eventually like it. I may try it once but if I don’t like it, not doing it again. Things on this list include (but are not limited to) fish/seafood of most kinds, cvass/kvass (sp? russian drink that tastes like dirty water), and overly salty anything.ReplyCancel

  • September 17, 2012 - 7:56 pm

    Michelle - My true conviction is that the best things in life come from every day work.ReplyCancel

  • September 19, 2012 - 8:48 pm

    Torri M - I have a strong conviction that I should accept the size that I am instead of trying to squeeze into a smaller size–you look better and smaller when your clothing fits properly!ReplyCancel

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